24 Hour Rentals Are Too Short

We have sometimes rented movies from Amazon Unbox because they download right to our Tivo.  They give you 30 days to start watching the rental, which I think is just fine, but once you start you have to finish within 24 hours or your movie is deleted.  This is problematic.

Let’s say you start watching a rental at 7pm one evening.  Life happens, your 16-month-old demands attention, and you only get halfway through.  The next night you have to be absolutely sure you start working on finishing it a safe amount before 7pm.  Because if you’re not finished by 7pm it’s going to be automatically deleted.  That sucks.  Why not make the rentals last 36 hours so that this kind of time crunch is elimininated?  Is this really such a problem that the movie studios can’t relax just a little bit?  All I want is to be able to comfortably watch a rental over 2 evenings because we find it hard to get through 2 hours in one shot.

This has certainly put us off renting very many movies.  And now there are rumors that iTunes rentals are going to have the same 24 hour limit.  Come on!

Others Agree

I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who feels this way: The 27-Hour Day Campaign.

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