Now My Cat Left Me.....

Well you can’t expect a 19 + year old cat to keep going forever….but it sure does hurt when he leaves. We got Churchill as a kitten and he was always a sweet natured, good, calm, cat.

He was my husband’s cat - they were always together and knew exactly what the other one wanted. It was fun to watch them interact. Church had Phillip trained pretty much the way he wanted him. Even when Phillip got so sick he didn’t even know where he was, he would automatically do what Church wanted. That was usually just to sit on his lap - but first Phillip had to put down his little black hand towel for Church to lay on. If he didn’t put the towel down, Church would stay in his basket right next to Phillip and patiently wait.

They slept together from the start and Phillip would put one ear bud in his ear and lay the other one next to Church. They liked country music a lot. As long as Phillip was in bed, Churchill would be by his side, only getting up to eat and you know what in the littler box.

Several times in the last few years, Churchill came close to giving up but I literally carried him around showing him stuff and putting water on his lips and he would finally find the strength to stay with us longer.

My husband passed last November and I fully expected Churchill to follow him almost immediately. He lost so much weight and I worried constantly about him and would not go off for very long at a time and only then because my grandchildren took good care of him for me while I was gone. Even so, it was hard to go. I guess that is silly but he has been such a part of my life that he was like my child I guess.

Church decided I was OK and let me hold him and pet him a lot, but certainly not as much as Phillip. He required a lot of care and got me up many times during the night but I didn’t care as I knew it would only be for a short time. It wasn’t his fault that he had some problems and I tried to make him as comfortable as possible.

I knew it would not be long till he left me and actually went the week before to make sure I knew exactly where the emergency hospital was and how to get there. Thank goodness I did.

Last Sunday Dave, Barb and Alex ere here and Church seemed normal. After they left, Church got up and just collasped and looked at me and I knew it was time. He just sort of quit and he knew it and I knew it. I took him in to be put to sleep because I did not want him to suffer. He seemed to be just slowly fading but I wanted to be sure. He didn’t deserve to suffer after all this time. I help him while he went to sleep and it was very hard to do but I would never let him go all alone. He looked at me the whole time and I could tell he was ready. That is all we can hope for - to be held by someone that loves us while we leave this earth.

This past May, another cat moved onto my back porch. He seemed so grateful that I wasn’t mean to him. He has many battle scars, half an ear, many bumps, and so on. I don;t know how long he has been outside on his own but he did a wonderful job of taking care of himself. He is such a sweet, gentle cat which is hard to believe after being homeless. He has been a lap cat from the start and I constantly worried about him but I really did not want another cat. But it was still cold at night so I relented and let him stay in my Arizona room to be warm and safe. I know - I have sucker written all over me. Well one of my other rescued cats, a very sassy, bold little black cat we call Poo, decided that no cat should have to be alone in the Arizona room and opened the door to let him inside.

My new cat, Jellybean, sauntered inside and laid down and that was that. No real problems with the others. I never thought I would have 4 cats, but 3 of them are rescued. I have to say that it would be hard for me to come home and stay home without their furry little faces to greet me.

I no longer look in the back yard - I just can’t rescue any more animals….. I just pray that I outlive the ones I have. They are all so different and so lovable and a pleasure to have.

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