Goodbye, Posterous

This will be my last post on this Posterous site.  It’s not that I don’t like Posterous, I really do.  But I want more control over my data so I’ve taken advantage of the fact that I already pay to have my own server, and I started using it.  I now have a place to blog, create short URLs, dump blog pictures, and autopost to Twitter and Facebook.  If for some reason that ends up not working out I’ll head back here, but don’t hold your breath.

Everything continues now at

Okay, Star Wars I 3-D in ETX, I'm prepared to be wowed. Go.

Whew. Finally down to my pre-baby weight.

AT&T is apparently not 100% evil.

This is a screenshot of a text message I recently received from AT&T:

AT&T Message

They certainly didn’t have to send me that message and could have just happily charged me the extra $10 if I went over my limit. So I’ll give them a little credit: they’re not completely money-grubbing, completely evil jerks.

They swerved first. (Movie reference anyone?)


My current view.


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